Lixada Gas Stove Review

This Lixada Gas Stove is a must have for any backpacker, camping lover, hiker, long distance cylist or bushcraft enthusiast. I was a little bit sceptical about buying this stove, purely due to it being so much cheaper than it’s competitors. The stove has way out done my expectations and I would never choose any other butane stove after using this one. I also own a Lixada wood stove which is just as good but the main difference is the fuel used to cook on.

This solo stove has more power than I need even on a windy day to do some good outdoor cooking and boil that well needed cup of tea. One of the best features on the Lixada Gas Stove is the fact that you can alter the power of the flame. It is the first camping stove I have owned that allows you to alter the temperature. This allows you to simmer food even in the wild and not have to worry about food stuck to the bottom of the pan afterwards. Using it on a low flame also allows you to use less gas each time you cook or boil water.


Lixada Gas Stove

From my experience I can boil water in less than 4 minutes using this stove… great when your on the move. The stove takes a minute or two to cool down and folds up to be very compact to fit in it’s storage box which comes with it.

If you’re going solo and superlight there are smaller and lighter alternatives around, but if the slightly larger size and modest increase in weight aren’t an issue for you, then I can’t recommend this lightweight stove enough!








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