Lixada Super Lightweight Gas Stove Review

Lixada Super Lightweight Gas Stove Review

This Lixada stove is super lightweight (25g), pocket sized and can be combined with a 110g or 200g gas cannister allowing you to carry this on your camping adventures with no extra weight. I have used this lightweight camping stove numerous times since purchasing it and the heat it provides to boil water is extremely impressive considering the size. I have now replaced my larger gas stoves in favour of this little device. It boils about a pint of water in less than 4 minutes from my experience but this is very weather dependant. 

Although the Lixada mini pocket gas stove is ultra small, the props folds out to an adequate size to create a stable support for reasonably sized pots to cook with. Though because this is an ultralight stove more often than not it will be used with ultralight pots which are also more suitable.

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The only downsides to this stove is that it is not the most stable stove in the world, but then you’d expect that for the price and size of the device. Finally the arms of the Lixada burner become extremly hot when in use, this is due to the size and design of the “flame directer”. Hence do not touch the stove until it’s cooled down.

Overall this stove is an incredible bit of kit for it’s size and weight. If you are like me and always looking to save space in your backpack then this stove is a must have. You can check the best price online below.



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