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It was a tough choice when comparing The Top 5 Drones of 2016 on the market…
If you’re looking to buy a Drone, then you probably already know that there are multiple types of drones out there. With the growing popularity comes advanced technology, which is great for us drone lovers but it can be complicated when looking to buy a drone. If you don’t know which kind you want yet, we’ve split the best drones on the market in to a list of The Top 5 Drones. Whether you’re looking to buy a camera drone, beginner drone or you’re an advanced drone flyer we’ve tried to pick something for everyone. After hours of debates and guidance from professional drone handlers we have picked the top drones of 2016 based on features such as cost, quality, and ease of use.



One of the best drones for sale right now is the Phantom 4. Here are some of the features that make the Phantom 4 one of my favourite video camera drone. The main advantage of the Phantom 4 Drone is that it features 4K Video recording capabilities along with a 12 Megapixel camera. In addition, this magnificent drone camera allows you to get your Mobile Device hooked up with the Remote Drone App and allows you to watch exactly what its recording straight from your phone. Secondly this drone unlike many cheaper versions, can last longer than 20 minutes in the air with the same battery life which is obviously a huge benefit when it comes to filming those areas that are inaccessible to us. It doesn’t stop there… it also comes equipped with front facing obstacle avoidance technology, quick release propellers and an in app flight simulator to learn how to fly, making this the perfect option for all Drone enthusiasts.

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