Top Camping Gadgets 2017

For the second year running we’ve put together a list of Top Camping Gadgets 2017. Our experts have reviewed thousands of camping gear products and picked out only the most amazing gadgets. We know camping is sometimes meant to be an escape from daily life but these nifty camping accessories will definitely make life easier whilst out on adventures.

15.Waterproof Camping Speaker

Small and light enough to carry around on your next camping trip, but it has very impressive sound quality for such a small device. It has a Silicone coated/rubber construction with a painted metal grill front and back. This thing would just bounce if it’s dropped.

Picktek outdoor waterproof speaker


14.Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition

In our eyes the Fenix PD32 Tactical Edition torch is the best camping torch on the market. The operating modes are useful and the light output is staggering. It’s a car headlight in something the size of a large marker pen. This torch will literally light up the entire campsite.

Fenix PD35 Best camping gadgets 2017


13. Biolite NanoGrid

For the second year running the Biolite NanoGrid has been listed in our top camping gadgets list. It provides you with a lantern, a torch, a powerbank for charging your other camp gadgets, and a chain of overhead lighting. Perfect for any trip out in to the wild or even a festival.

Biolite NanoGrid Best Camping Gadgets



12. USB Camp Stove

This high performance camping stove is simple and elegant in design and features a thermoelectric generator (TEG) which works with the in-built Li-ion battery and can be used to charge your gadgets directly using the USB output socket. A great option for camping trips, picnics and road trips, the beautifully crafted Tegstove got the Dragon’s investment and it’s worth buying for your next trip in to the wilderness.


11. Collapsible Bucket

This is a great bucket to carry with you for any outdoor activities and it can come very handy for several reasons for e.g washing up, carrying water, cooking.  It is very lightweight, portable and so easy to carry with you. It folds into a little round disk which you can easily fit in to your backpack.

The best camping gadgets 2017



10. Solar Kettle

This 500ml capacity solar kettle allows you to boil water on any camping trip without the need for a stove. It is much quicker than you might imagine and it’s a great gadget for heating water, washing, preheating cooking water or making drinks.

Solar Kettle - Top Camping Gadgets



9. Foldable Portable Stove

Perfect stove for emergencies, survival situations, lightweight packing, natural disasters designed to deliver life-saving heat in extreme situations. The Stove doesn’t rely on fossil fuels and can be used with any solid biological material available as fuel: wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers and charcoal (propane free!)

Foldable Stove Camping Gadgets


8. Portable Pressure Shower

This is a great camping gadget for those who want to keep some home comforts when out in the wilderness. This  solar shower is a great, environmentally friendly way to keep clean. The sun heats up the water inside the shower and the shower nozzle provides an effective stream of water. All you need is a tree or someone to hold it up for you.



7. Highlander Z Army Sleeping Mat

Lightweight , comfortable & easy to use – this padded foam mattress will help keep you warm & comfortable whilst out wild camping. It is a great bit of kit and for the price well made. Perfect for any festival, camping trip or when your just out hiking.

Military Camping Gadgets



6. LifeStraw® Personal // Water Filter

A great little device for camping, hiking, emergencies or when water supplies are suspect. It is small, light and convenient. For around $20 the LifeStraw personal water filter offers a compact, lightweight, and simple system for treating water.

Lifestraw top gadgets of 2017


5. LUNATEC’s Aquabot

Aquabot is a high pressure water bottle that has 3 spray patterns of shower, stream and mist. Great for lots of uses, perfect for youth sports, military, camping, pets, hunting, fishing, gardening and more. It has shower, stream and mist patterns and sprays over 25-feet.

aquabot water bottle top camping gadgets


4. Tentsile Flite Plus – 2 person hammock

This thing is awesome and comfy. Makes camping and backpacking so much fun because you can count on a good nights sleep .The Flite follows all the Tentsile designs with a triangle base platform that uses three tie-outs to suspend it off the ground. The Flite is their lightest, most compact, most packable shelter they offer and makes it perfect for a camping couple.Tentsile Flite - Cool Camping Gadgets


3. Solar Charger

The charge time is fast when in full sun. My phone (a HTC One) charged from 11% power to 45% power in 10mins which I was happy with. It even charges when the sun is behind clouds. The RavPower Ace 22,000mAh is the best family power banks in our eyes. A great buy if you’re planning a long journey away from mains power.


RavPower Solar Charger Top Camping Gadgets 2017


2. Lightweight Camping Chair

The Leki Sub-1 weighs in at under 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds), making it one of the lightest free-standing camp chairs on the market. And it even has a zip pocket at the front and a cup holder. Easy to carry around on those long trips and even easier to fold out and have a chill!

lightest camping chair 2017


1. Lifestraw bottle

Amazing camping gadget – we got this last minute before a trip to Nepal trekking. We filled it up using normal tap water in Nepal, streams and rivers, etc. Didn’t get any upset stomach or anything. (I haven’t tried a muddy puddle yet but I’m sure it would be fine). Highly recommend the life straw to any camping or hiking enthusiast…


Thanks for reading the Top Camping Gadget 2017 post. If you own any gadgets you’d like to share or would simply like to tell us about your experiences and advice then drop us a comment below.

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